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SHAREit is a name that is well-known to many people out there. It is basically a wireless fiel sharing and transfer app for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms. SHAREit app was released in 2012 as an alternative for Bluetooth file sharing. Soon after it was released, SHAREit app became very popular among people and today, SHAREit download is regarded as the best file transfer and sharing app out there. It is free from all kinds of bloatwares and similar stuff that slow down devices. This has made SHAREit app a great app for Android and iOS. There are other apps like Xender and Mi Drop out there, but people still love SHAREit download over all those apps. It barely touches the 35 MB mark for an app of this stature. Download SHAREit app online for free.

SHAREit Download

It is an absolutely free to use app that is free from micro-transactions. SHAREit download is blazingly fast and its speed is incomparable to any other wireless file sharing method. More than 200 million people use this app and every day, it gets an active user-count of over one million. SHAREit app is entirely free and you need not worry about micro-transactions of any sort. SHAREit download should be done online today (for free). Unlike many other file sharing apps, this one does not contain viruses or bloatwares. All this makes SHAREit app the best file sharing app for Android and iOS. Due to its small size, it takes no time in getting installed/downloaded on devices. Download SHAREit app online for free for your smartphones and tablets today

SHAREit APK Download – Download for Free

It has been around from quite a while. Precisely, SHAREit app was released on Android at first. It was released in 2012 as a stand-alone file sharing app. The app became quite popular among the smartphone users due to many reasons. The primary reason why SHAREit download is so well-known is because it is fast and safe. SHAREit app is faster and way better than Bluetooth. It is because of this that people started using it in 2012. Slowly, Android users started giving up on Bluetooth when it came to file sharing. There were (and still are) so many benefits of SHAREit app. The first and foremost being its stability and speed, and the second being the reliability.

SHAREit download has earned quite a name for itself that has made it the best file sharing app of the time. It makes use of Wi-Fi Direct instead of merely using Bluetooth or NFC. Wi-Fi Direct technology is way faster than secure than Bluetooth and this is why SHAREit download is regarded is one of the most secure apps in history. It even has an option of transferring/sharing files across different platforms at a single time. Basically, you can transfer an entire movie (1080p) in under five minutes with SHAREit app. Statistically, SHAREit download is 20-30 times faster than Bluetooth. Bluetooth has a maximum file sharing speed of 40 Mbps, but SHAREit download can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps.

SHAREit App Features – SHAREit Download

It is a feature-laden app that is loved by plenty of users. SHAREit makes sure that files are transferred properly and safely. It makes use of a secure connection that covers a large area. Some of the key features of SHAREit download are-

  • SHAREit app uses Wi-Fi Direct as its file transfer and sharing mechanism. Very few apps make use of this underdog feature of connection and SHAREit download is the finest example. It is very fast and it even consumes very less battery. Wi-Fi Direct surpasses Bluetooth’s speed by a great deal. This makes more and more people use SHAREit app. The app is a classic example of how file sharing apps should be designed. It can be downloaded with ease on iOS devices (as well as Android devices). Every application critic has loved SHAREit app and it has even received the Editor’s Choice Award from Google.
  • SHAREit app on iOS can be used to transfer files to those who use SHAREit on Android (and vice versa). It has cross-platform file sharing enabled. It is a much welcomed feature for smartphones and tablets. SHAREit download has revolutionized the wireless file sharing industry. Now, users can send all kinds of files across different platforms with ease. SHAREit download online for free for Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  • There is no limit to the number of files that can be shared with this app. Moreover, users can transfer whatever they feel like transferring with SHAREit download. Photos, videos, files and documents are some of the types of items that can be sent with SHAREit app. Download it online for your iOS devices today. There are no bloatwares in this app that would rather slow it down. It runs smoothly on every device.
  • File sharing on SHAREit app is way faster than file sharing on Bluetooth. The speed on Bluetooth does not cross the 20-25 Mbps mark while SHAREit download can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps. Wireless data transfer is not only faster, but a lot more secure on SHAREit. Download SHAREit for your smartphones and tablets today for free. It is way more convenient for users and also saves a lot of time. Bluetooth, on the other hand is laggy and often does the connection break easily. Hence, it is unsecure when compared to Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Distance is also a key factor when comparing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. Bluetooth covers a maximum distance of 10-12 meters, whereas Wi-Fi Direct on SHAREit app covers a distance of over 20 meters. Since its accuracy and distance covering is far better than that of Bluetooth, SHAREit download should be done online today. Use SHAREit app for sharing and transferring files for free.
  • Apart from being a great file sharing app, SHAREit app also has media players. It contains audio and video players that can play almost every audio/video file. Now, because of SHAREit download, users need not download an external media player. It can play a number of video types as well as music types. SHAREit is fast, it is light and highly secure to use. SHAREit download online for iOS and Android operating systems today. Enjoy high-speed file sharing with the SHAREit app.
  • SHAREit also houses an online collection of videos and music. It is up to you whether you want to play (stream) it online or download it on your device. Whatever you do on SHAREit download, all of it is free. The app does not charge any amount from its users that makes it a great app. The media section contains a column for trending music and videos. Either download it online for free or stream it online. Movies in full HD can also be downloaded with SHAREit app. There are over 250 million SHAREit users out there. Download it and be a part of the SHAREit family.
  • SHAREit app also has a massive collection of emojis, GIFs and stickers. Users can share them with their friends very easily. Apart from that, users can also download ringtones, wallpapers and much more with SHAREit download for free. It can transfer any file type with ease (for free). The app transcends above all restrictions that one can face when sharing files. People can transfer almost a thouand files (or more) at a single time. The files can be videos, photos, files, music and much more. SHAREit download online for free. Come, be a part of the forever growing SHAREit APK family.
  • This app is based on Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is way faster and secure than Bluetooth and this has made it a wonderful app. People who use the SHAREit apk have can share files at great speeds for free. SHAREit download is almost 25-30 times faster and better than Bluetooth. File sharing and sending is very easy and convenient with this app. It does not cause any issue and people love to use SHAREit download. SHAREit app has a solid fan-base and a community that is hyper-active. People love transferring files over SHAREit and download it today for free.

Download SHAREit App-

SHAREit is the fastest file sharing and transfer app for Android and iOS. It is simply incomparable to other apps like Xender and Mi Drop and is also way faster (and better) than Bluetooth. Other apps are not as fast as SHAREit download when it comes file transfer. SHAREit apk boasts of millions of users across a cascade of devices. Since it is based on Wi-Fi Direct, data sharing (transfer) can easily reach up to 200-250 Mbps. SHAREit is way faster than Bluetooth or NFC. All this has made it one of the leading apps for Android and iOS devices. It has a lot of benefits over Bluetooth and the primary one is – connection speed. Bluetooth can never reach this speed. Surprisingly, SHAREit download has a faster file sharing speed than many other wired connections as well. SHAREit download online today.

There are no bloatwares or bugs in this app. The interface is smooth and bloatware-free. This makes SHAREit an amazing app that loads up quickly and performs well on every device. SHAREit apk download also does not crash or lag. Since it make use of Wi-Fi Direct, the connection that it sets up is WPA/WPS secured. This means that the connection is highly secure and safe to transfer/share files. Download SHAREit app online for free.

SHAREit App Interface-

Blue and white are the two colours that define SHAREit’s interface. The main palette features a foreground colour of blue and a background colour of white. SHAREit app has decent-looking interface that loads up very easily and quickly. All the menu items and options are well placed as well. All it makes use of is Wi-Fi Direct and in no way does it use Bluetooth or NFC. Users can send or receive files from users who use the SHAREit apk. Interestingly, the app is cross-platform compatible that makes it a great to use app. The menu options are arranged properly in a shelf that makes it very convenient to use app. SHAREit download has so many wonderful features that make it the best file sharing and transfer app.

It makes use of the powerful, Wi-Fi Direct in order to send/receive files from one device to another. Wi-Fi Direct can cover a much larger area than Bluetooth. It establishes a very strong connection that does not break easily. Moreover, the speed of data sharing is very fast with this app. SHAREit app has a bloatware-free interface that makes it free from lags. Every SHAREit app user loves to use this app and the number of downloads keep on increasing every day. SHAREit download online and be a part of the troupe today. The interface is free from laggy elements and stuff like that, so, download it today to find out more.

Steps to Install SHAREit App on iOS-

SHAREit v4.0 app is very easy to install on iOS devices. It also involves using side-loading as a method for installing IPA files. There are no alternate ways of installing IPA files on iOS devices apart from side-loading. Side-loading is absolutely safe to use and it is regarded as the best method for app installation.

  • SHAREit download – Download the SHAREit app file online (for free).
  • The file gets downloaded to a folder in the internal storage on your iOS device.
  • Put your device on Airplane Mode.
  • Go to Settings > General Settings > Date and Time Settings. Change the date to 1st April, 2014 and find the downloaded IPA file for SHAREit app.
  • Tap on it and the installation will start. After the app gets installed, you can turn off the Airplane Mode.

SHAREit download is a ravishing app for both, Android and iOS devices. It runs smoothly on every device and it also does not crash or lag unnecessarily. Users can transfer files at high speed with this app. SHAREit app is better and faster than NFC or Bluetooth. All this makes this app the best and the fastest file sharing app for Android and iOS. It is highly safe and secure to use app that is free from viruses and malicious content.

Steps to Install SHAREit APK on Android and Windows-

The installation process for SHAREit app v4.0 on Android is easy. It is similar to installing other third-party apps via side-loading. There are no alternate ways of installing APK files on Android devices apart from side-loading. Not only is this method safe, but it is also highly convenient and easy to perform. All it requires is an Android device and the target APK file. Here are the steps for side-loading on Android-

  • SHAREit download – Download the SHAREit APK file online (for free).
  • The file will get saved in the ‘Root/Internal Storage/Downloads’ directory. Do not worry about losing out on storage space since it is a very small-sized file.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. This will enable you to install unsigned apps and files.
  • Put your device on Airplane Mode and find the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on it and the installation will commence. Once it gets over, you can turn off the Airplane Mode and that is it.

The app runs flawlessly on every Android device. This app does not lag or crash and there are over a hundred features that make it one of the best file sharing apps for Android. It is way better and faster than NFC as well. NFC has a very low proximity range when it comes to establishing a connection. SHAREit download, on the other hand has got a far better reception and connection strength. Download it today for free.

In case of Windows powered devices like PCs and laptops, all you have to do is to download an Android emulator.  Go to in order to download the BlueStacks app player. Simply download and install the app player and SHAREit download. After that-

  • Download SHAREit APK.
  • Open BlueStacks app player > Go to Install APK.
  • Open the APK file and it will get installed.

SHAREit App – The Best File Sharing App

There are so many reasons why SHAREit is the best file sharing app out there. It is fast, it is light and most importantly, it is highly secure. It is well-known for having provided secure connections for file sharing and transfer. SHAREit apk is compatible with so many apps out there. All your personal data remains safe with you and there is also no need to register or logging in. It is a highly reliable app that works smoothly on every device. Bluetooth and NFC, both, are incomparable with the data transfer speed of SHAREit download. It works really well on every device, be it iOS or Android device.

It is packed with amazing features and people should download it straight away for free. Download SHAREit apk online for free and start sharing files at great speeds for free. It comes as a small sized file that gets downloaded and installed very easily

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