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The Free File Transfer App SHAREit for PC & Desktop

SHAREit is a file and media transfer application, with SHAREit one can send or receive an unlimited amount of data, file, or multimedia articles such as music, videos, images, Gifs, etc. The application was initially launched for Android application market and iOS but soon after the high popularity of the app between the users around the world developers launched the beta version for Windows smartphone  soon after that SHAREit for Windows Operating system  was launched it gained a huge popularity and till now it is one of the best multiplatform file sharing application. Continue reading

SHAREit for PC Download – Learn How to Download & Use SHAREit 4.0 on PC!

shareit download free

SHAREit is a very popular, eccentric app that is regarded as the best app for file sharing. It is available on a number of operating systems like – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and others. Unlike other premium apps, SHAREit app is an absolutely free to use app that is free from micro transactions. With SHAREit download, users can transfer and share files at high speed to devices that have SHAREit app installed. In case of using it on PCs and laptops, users need to have an Android emulator installed. This emulator software makes sure that all the Android apps (APKs) get installed easily. SHAREit app is quite popular among smartphone and tablet users due to its simplicity. There are no lags or stutters with SHAREit app. It is a pure app that provides a great in-app experience. SHAREit app is one of the finest apps for file sharing out there.

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SHAREit Download – Download Latest SHAREit v4.0 for Free!

SHAREit Download v4.0

shareit download free

SHAREit app is a wireless file transfer and sharing app for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It is regarded as the best file sharing app for smartphones and tablets. Released back in 2012, SHAREit download is regarded as the best wireless file sharing app by many. The reason behind SHAREit app’s ever-growing popularity is that it is light, does not consume mobile data and it is a lot secure. This is what makes SHAREit a widely acclaimed and used app of the time. Moreover, it is also free from bugs, bloatwares and even viruses.  Due to this, SHAREit  runs smoothly and without lagging. Hence, it is a flawlessly running app that runs across different operating systems very easily. SHAREit is small in size but huge in its features and reliability. Download it online for free today. It is barely 20 MB in size and yet it is packed with plenty of amazing features.

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Download & Use SHAREit for Android, iOS & PC(Windows/Mac)

shareit download free

SHAREit Download

SHAREit is stunning app that allows users to send / receive files wirelessly for free. It has been around since 2012 for Android, following which, the developers released SHAREit app for other OS. SHAREit download is well-known for its speed and reliability. The app is available on Android, Windows and iOS, and cross-platform file sharing is possible with it. SHAREit APK boasts of high speed file sharing without using even a wee bit of internet data. SHAREit APK has been closely related to Android since it was first released for Android. Unlike many other file sharing methods and apps, SHAREit download uses Wi-Fi Direct. There are so many benefits of using Wi-Fi Direct over other apps. Over 500 million people use SHAREit app today and more than 100 million people use it daily. SHAREit download online for free for your Android smartphones, tablets and other devices for free.
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Download SHAREit APK – Latest Version for Android Free!

shareit download free

SHAREit app is one of the best wireless file transfer and sharing apps out there. It was released back in 2012 when most of the people used Bluetooth for wireless sharing and pairing. SHAREit APK gained its popularity due to the fact that it was fast, secure and reliable to use. There were no bloatwares or any other hassles with this app. All this made SHAREit app one of the best apps of the time. Barely crossing the 20 MB mark, SHAREit APK has surely astonished millions of Android users. Despite being such a small sized app, SHAREit download is regarded as the very best by plenty of users. SHAREit download online for your Android devices today and start transferring media and files for free.

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Download SHAREit v6.4.8

SHAREit v6.4.8 is a wireless file sharing app with which users can transfer and receive any type of file. It has been around from quite a while and till date, has been downloaded more than 50 million times. SHAREit v6.4.8 is not just any other file sharing app, it is the fastest file transfer app out there. It is very small in size and there are no bloatwares in its UI. In fact, the user-interface of this app is very intuitive and people don’t have a hard time in using it. SHAREit v6.4.8 has plenty of features that will make your in-app experience worthwhile. Download this amazing app exclusively from the download link provided. Continue reading

Download SHAREit v6.4.6

Do you have a smartphone/tablet? Are you tired of using Bluetooth for file transfer? Do you have an iOS device and cannot use Bluetooth properly? Well, SHAREit v6.4.6 is here to help you out in this case. SHAREit v6.4.6 is a wireless file transfer and sharing app for major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. It was launched in 2015 when Bluetooth and NFC used to be the only wireless file-sharing media. With SHAREit, there was a giant leap in the wireless file-sharing department as it was fast. Way faster than Bluetooth’s standards (till date) and it even supported cross-platform file transfer and sharing. Thus, a new mode of file-sharing was born. Continue reading

Download SHAREit v6.4.5

SHAREit v6.4.5 is a wireless file sharing app that has been developed for Android, iOS and Windows devices. It comes as a small-sized package that gets downloaded and installed on every device very easily. SHAREit v6.4.5 lets users send and receive all file types across different systems as it supports cross-platform file sharing. It is the only app out there that supports file sharing of this type at high-speed. SHAREit v6.4.5 has over 10 million users across different platforms (most of the users from Android). People love this app for its simplicity and speed. Some people argue that SHAREit v6.4.5 is even faster than a number of USB based connections. Anyway, statistically, this app is around 150-200 times faster than Bluetooth. This high-speed is a result of Wi-Fi Hotspot, a technology that SHAREit v6.4.5 has pioneered in. You can download the latest version of this app using the download-link at the bottom of this page. Continue reading

Download SHAREit v6.4.9

SHAREit v6.4.9 is a free to use file sharing app that was released in 2013 for Android platform. Since its release, this app has become immensely popular and today, it is available on Android, iOS and Windows. SHAREit v6.4.9 allows users to send and receive files wirelessly over a secured private network. It does not use Bluetooth for its file sharing process and thus, it is fast and highly secure. SHAREit v6.4.9 uses Wi-Fi as it private tunnel for wireless media transfer and it due to this it is super-fast. Wi-Fi Direct is the technology that has been deployed that lets users send/receive files via this app. Continue reading

Download SHAREit v6.5.0

SHAREit v6.5.0 is a very light file sharing app that lets users send/receive files wirelessly from one device to another. It allows users to transfer all types of files between devices with ease. SHAREit v6.5.0 even supports cross-platform file sharing which means that you don’t need to have the same OS on both devices. With this app, Android and iOS devices can easily send and receive files within minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, SHAREit v6.5.0 is fast when it comes to file sharing. Since it makes use of Wi-Fi Hotspot instead of Bluetooth, the file sharing process is very fast. Wi-Fi Hotspot is also very safe and secure as it has WPS security protocol. This protocol makes the connection safe from outside intruders like hackers and viruses. Thus, you get a complete file sharing package in SHAREit v6.5.0 and you should definitely download it today. This app is absolutely free to use and to download. All you have to do is to click on the link to download SHAREit v6.5.0 app on your devices. Continue reading