SHAREit Alternatives | Best File Sharing Apps for Android

SHAREit Alternatives

apps like shareitWe all know how much importance does the file sharing applications play in our life from sharing documents, music’s, photos, videos to gif or large size media articles we prefer using these apps. iOS has an built-in file sharing features know as AirDrop, since it is embedded by default you don’t have to go through a set-up process for it, but it does have  oversights such as it can only be used to share files between device that supports Mac or Apple operating system that is iOS; secondly it uses both Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi to share data, AirDrop has a battery consuming process. Similarly, Android users can use SHAREit APK.

SHAREit is platform independent application that works 40 times faster than Bluetooth, transfer files in every possible format, has an integral video/music player, The SHAREit has a top built quality still there is a series of faults in the app, unlike Windows or  Apple users Android users have a more significant choices for file and Media sharing apps So today we are going to tell you about the best file sharing apps apart from SHAREit.

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1. Portal-Wi-Fi File transfer:

This application transfers the files using Wi-Fi network so that there is no internet data loss from users side the app moreover doesn’t limit you on transfer file size, A user can share a single file, a bunch of files or even a folder. The photos and pictures that are transferred via Portal app are saved in the gallery automatically. For the connection establishment, the users can also use the QR code facility.  The files can be shared in-between different Android device or even Android to a desktop.

2. SuperBeam:

SuperBeam uses Wi-Fi direct to share the data between multiple devices, The web interface of the app can be used for sharing files between desktop and mobile phones. The user can use QR code for file transfer, NFC code or the similar Wi-Fi connection for sharing the data. The SuperBeam app has some of the incredible features such as fast file transfer speed while using Wi-Fi direct, and devices can be paired using NFC or QR code scanning, AMOLED color themes simplified interactive send/receive screen comes under the UI.

3. WeTransfer:

For sharing the files you’ll require the email address of the recipient, but you don’t have to sing up. The app was developed in 2009 by WeTransfer BV, and the firm claims that more than 42 million people From all around the globe share approximately 1 billion files every month. All you need to do is select the file that needs to be shared, and then add the receives email address. The receiver will receive a Download link of for the same although the file size is limited to 10GB per transfer one can be happy by the fact that it doesn’t expose your Wi-Fi in public. You have to sure while writing the email address of the receiver because a single mistake by you can be dangerous.
4. CM Transfer:

This app can be used very easily for file sharing. It allows you to receive files in  all kinds of format without an internet connection. The Wi-Fi can be used for fast sharing with speeds exceeding upto10Mbps. This app makes it easy to share apps, images, videos, and every possible type of files regardless of their sizes or format. CM Transfer uses Wi-Fi hotspot to send or receive data between the devices. The application is available for free to download, the trial or the free version of the app is supported by Ads you can upgrade to premium if you want an Ad-free users experience.

5. Mi Drop:

The Mi Drop is an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking for a simple file yet professional transfer app for Android with no ads. This app is developed by Xiaomi Inc.  It has a file size if 5.50 MB and has been downloaded for more than 50 million times on the Google play store. It is 200 times faster than standard Bluetooth, and the total transfer speed can go up to 50MB/s, files can be shared with one single Tab as the app has eliminated all time consuming, confusing features of the app. It supports all the Android device some of the exciting features of Mi Drop are: multiple file support API, Apps can be shared without an internet connection, it has lightning fast transfer speed, it has a clean and straightforward User interface, the only Ad free file transfer app available on Google Play Store and hence it can be considered as an alternative to Download SHAREit.

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