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How To Transfer Files Between Two PCs Using SHAREit

The extensive use of file sharing application has reportedly decreased the use of USB cables and flash drives such as pen drive, card reader etc. One such application that has contributed to this revolution is SHAREit.

The SHAREit works on the client-host approach for sharing files and on the principles of platform independence i.e. it provides the facility to share productivity and multimedia files on all the major operating systems. Most of the people rely on USB cables to transfer files from one machine to another but now with SHAREit, you can share files and other media articles between two machines securely, without losing the quality that too in high speed. The file transfer of SHAREit is much faster than the fast transfer USB cables, Since the machines get connected internally on the same network also the application restricts unauthorized access because on the connection page itself it’ll ask for a password to you. We are going give you step by step explanations on how to transfer files between two PC with SHAREit but before that have a look at some of the remarkable features of the SHAREit app for PC.

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Features of SHAREit PC:

  1. The application is built on the principles of platform independence hence it does matters whether you are using Windows or Mac computer you can always transfer files between them.
  2. This application is extensively used in enterprises because of the high efficiency and data security.
  3. No third party access to your data even SHAREit application cannot access your data. Which preserves the data security Right of a user.
  4. The PC version of the applications has nearly zero complexities since it works on simple drag, drop and share concept.
  5. The large size files can be shared within seconds with the application also the application is easy to install on your device.

How to transfer files between two PCs using SHAREit PC application?

Before starting the file transfer process make sure the SHAREit for PC is installed and  enabled in both the devices,

Step 1: Turn on the WiFi on both the machines and connect both of them with the same network.

(You can also create the hotspot for network established between the two devices)

Step 2: Launch the preinstalled SHAREit app on both the device. On one of the PC click on the  Menu icon which is represented by 3 horizontal lines.

Step 3: Open the menu icon and click on Connect to pc, you’ll see the icon of other PC running SHAREit on your screen.

Step 4: To connect both the PC simply click on the name/icon of the other PC.

Step 5: An authorization pop-up will occur on the client PC, Accept the access request of host PC.

Step 6: Start sharing files between two PC by simply drag and drop.

In the last few years, the SHAREit mobile and PC application have gained a lot of popularity among the users, Several factors have backed up this application.

SHAREit has been considered the best alternative to Bluetooth and wired sharing. It is much efficient and faster than any other file sharing application also it fulfills the FTP ( File transfer protocol ) standards, Hence we recommend our readers to try out SHAREit for PC.

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