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SHAREit is stunning app that allows users to send / receive files wirelessly for free. It has been around since 2012 for Android, following which, the developers released SHAREit app for other OS. SHAREit download is well-known for its speed and reliability. The app is available on Android, Windows and iOS, and cross-platform file sharing is possible with it. SHAREit APK boasts of high speed file sharing without using even a wee bit of internet data. SHAREit APK has been closely related to Android since it was first released for Android. Unlike many other file sharing methods and apps, SHAREit download uses Wi-Fi Direct. There are so many benefits of using Wi-Fi Direct over other apps. Over 500 million people use SHAREit app today and more than 100 million people use it daily. SHAREit download online for free for your Android smartphones, tablets and other devices for free.

The app is absolutely free to use. It is free from micro-transactions like credit card payments and OTPs. SHAREit APK also does not require users to register in the app in order to use it. Talking about Wi-Fi Direct, SHAREit app is entirely based on that technology. There are millions of people who rely on this app and use it on a daily basis. The interface is light and smooth, and it is also free from bloatwares. It works nicely on every Android smartphone and tablet. SHAREit app is free from viruses, bloatwares and even from bugs. All this is the reason why people love to use SHAREit app. Wi-Fi Direct, that SHAREit uses, is way faster than Bluetooth and other file sharing technologies. The file sharing on SHAREit download is fast, that is, around 200-300 times faster than that on Bluetooth. This, along with its WPS and WPA security features have made the SHAREit app a shining example of the kind of app that should be made.

SHAREit APK steals the show when it comes to wirelessly sending and receiving files. It is powered by the more subtle Wi-Fi technology that has been in use from a long time. SHAREit app uses Wi-Fi Direct as its primary way of establishing an internet connection between devices. There are technologies like Bluetooth and NFC out there as well, but no other file sharing system matches SHAREit APK’s Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is based on Wi-Fi Hotspot, which is a wireless connection broadcasted from one device to the other device / devices. Other device / devices can connect to it and files can be shared via an interfacing software. Such an interfacing software / app is the SHAREit app. It makes use of its powerful interface and superb design and allows user to share files among users for free. Furthermore, there is also no need to share any of your personal details as well.

SHAREit APK v4.0 is the best file sharing app for Android. It has so many features and amazing stuff that makes it a unique app. Apart from the regular feature-laden interface, file sharing is smooth and blazing-fast on it. SHAREit app makes use of Wi-Fi Direct for file transfer and sharing. This feature is highly responsive, quick and a lot secure in its application. You can share even your personal information with it without worrying about it getting cracked, lost or even stolen. The connectivity is WPA / WPA type that is highly safe and secure. SHAREit download uses the same encryption as Wi-Fi connections. This makes SHAREit APK a complete file sharing app for Android. Moreover, users can also share files from one OS to another very easily. Thus, SHAREit app supports cross-platform file sharing. SHAREit download online for free.

How to install SHAREit APK on Android smartphones / tablets?

  • Download SHAREit APK online for free – SHAREit download online from website. It is a free to download small sized file.
  • Once it has been downloaded, put your device on Airplane Mode. The files normally get downloaded in the Downloads folder in the Internal Storage.
  • After that go to Settings > Security Settings > Then enable installation from unknown sources. Once you will do that the device will enable side-loading installation (i.e. third party apps could be installed after that).
  • Using your file manager, find the SHAREit APK file and open it. Tap on the install option in order to install it on your device.
  • Once it gets installed, turn off the Airplane Mode.

For Android

SHAREit app is basically a wireless file sharing / sending / receiving app. It allows users to easily send and receive files like photos, movies, videos, music and much more for free. Once it gets downloaded and installed, it is very easy to use. The app has a clean interface and is barely 17 MB in size.

  • The main screen / home screen has three main options – local, send and receive.
  • The local option allows users to view content from the local device storage or memory card. Since SHAREit download has a video and audio player embedded, users can play local or shared videos or music, or even view photos using SHAREit app for free.
  • The send option is quite evident. It is used to send files to other users who use the SHAREit app. This app can send and receive files for free through Wi-Fi Direct. This method of file sharing and transfer is very fast and highly secure.
  • When you tap on the receive option, it will allow you to receive files from other SHAREit users. All kinds of files can be shared and received with SHAREit download.
  • In case of sending / receiving files, all you have to do is to find the sender’s or receiver’s avatar and tap on it. It will establish a secured connection and then you will be able to send or receive files easily.
  • Apart from all that, there is also a Bluetooth sharing option that works smoothly. There are other ad-on features as well that include – online video streamer / downloader, music player, meme browser and much more. SHAREit download online for your Android devices today for free.

for PC

Those of you who have PCs and laptops, SHAREit APK can be installed on it as well. The only difference in running SHAREit on desktops and laptops is that it runs on Android based emulators. These emulators emulate the Android experience (virtually) so that your device can run games and apps that are for Android. SHAREit app, as we already know, is free from viruses and bloatwares. These are harmful and often malicious codes that may slow down (or harm) the device. Thankfully, SHAREit does not come with any such stuff that makes it a really wonderful app to use. SHAREit download never fails to amaze and to impress millions of users around the world. All this is quite fascinating since this app was just released in 2012 and over the span of the years, it has become the best file-sharing app. Download SHAREit APK online for your desktops and laptops for free online.

Wi-Fi Direct is way faster and way more reliable than Bluetooth or NFC. Moreover, Bluetooth on laptops is very slow than Bluetooth on smartphones and tablets. It is because of this that people like using SHAREit app other than Bluetooth these days. SHAREit is very light on the battery and yet it is blazing fast. There are so many features of this app and due to these features, it has reached over 500 million downloads till date. More than 50 TB of data is shared by users every single day and they are very happy with it. SHAREit download is very small and light, it is bloatware and virus free as well. It provides a sharing speed that is more than 200 times faster than NFC and Bluetooth. Be a part of the SHAREit app family today and take your file sharing experience to a whole new level.

for Windows

SHAREit is the fastest and the lightest file sharing / transfer app out there. It has so many users across different platforms. SHAREit is a free to use app that allows wireless file sharing (secured). Moreover, this app also has support for cross-platform file sharing. Unlike Bluetooth that does not work well with Android to iOS and vice versa, this feature is what drops the mic for SHAREit APK. There is no limit to the type and number of files that can be sent / received via SHAREit. A number of file types can be shared with it and it even has a video and music player (for free). More than a million online videos can be downloaded / streamed for free with SHAREit download. As mentioned earlier, SHAREit app can reach speeds up to 250-300 Mbps, which is almost 200 times more than Bluetooth. Imagine, a type of P2P wireless connection that is so fast and highly secure. This is what makes SHAREit so special.

The app runs fine without consuming any internet data or mobile data. It makes use of its Wi-Fi Direct hotspot that works amazingly. Due to this, there is no need to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi in order to send / receive files. Since the connection is WPS / WPA secured, file sharing is very easy and highly secure. Moreover, there are no micro transactions in the app that make it one of the best apps out there. SHAREit app also does not require a flagship device in order to run. There are so many features that make SHAREit download one of the best file sharing apps out there. It can transfer files up to a longer range than Bluetooth. Since SHAREit app makes use of Wi-Fi Direct, the transmission range is almost 30 meters. Compared to the 10 meter range of Bluetooth, SHAREit app is the far better alternative out there. Download it today for free.

How to use SHAREit 4.0

First of all, you will be required to download an Android emulator software. One such popular emulator software is BlueStacks App Player. It is a free to use Android emulator that can run Android apps and games on Windows for free. It is also free from viruses and bloatwares. Anyway, all you have to do is to download and install it on your Windows device. SHAREit app on Windows also does not require any additional file or plugin in order to run. All it needs is a simple Windows operated desktop or laptop. Just like its Android sibling, SHAREit app does not require wired connections to run. Despite being wireless, it can transfer files at a very high speed. The approximate speed that it can reach is around 300 Mbps that is simply phenomenal. SHAREit download online for your desktops and laptops if you too want a great file sharing app that is wireless.

  • In order to install SHAREit APK on Windows desktops and laptops, first of all, go to and download the BlueStacks App Player. It is a free to use Android emulator that gets installed easily. It is also free from viruses that means that is safe as well.
  • After that, you will have to install it on your desktop or laptop.
  • Download SHAREit APK online for free. Save it on your desktop.
  • Open BlueStacks App Player and let it load up. It may take some time (depending upon the RAM size).
  • After that go to the home screen and go to the Install APK option. Find the SHAREit APK file and open it to start the installation.
  • After it gets installed, you will be able to share files easily.

SHAREit App Interface-

It has the following three options on the home screen – local, send and receive.

Local – It means all the local file explorer that can play videos and music. It can also view all the photos and files that are included in the system.

Send – SHAREit makes use of Wi-Fi Direct for file sharing. The app easily establishes an interface for other users whom you are trying to connect to. These users should also use SHAREit in order to send / receive files.

Receive – The send and the receive options are correlated. Receiving files works the opposite of sending them. This time you become the client and the other person (sender) becomes the host.

How to use SHAREit APP on Mac?

Mac users can also use SHAREit APK for file sharing and transfer. The SHAREit app works smoothly on Mac powered devices. It makes use of a bloatware-free interface and Wi-Fi Direct for sending and receiving files. These files get shared easily and it is also very light on the battery consumption. There are over 500 million downloads for SHAREit app that make it one of the highest grossing apps of the time. There are apps like Xender and SHAREit that can share files at super-fast speeds for free. Users can transfer almost every single type of file with SHAREit app. There is no limitation when it comes to file sharing with SHAREit. It runs smoothly on every Mac powered device and just like Windows, it too requires an Android emulator to run. SHAREit download online today and experience this ad-free, secure and premium app today.

In order to run SHAREit app on Mac, Genymotion and Virtual Box will be needed. Android apps run a tad bit differently on Mac. Unlike Windows, there is no need to download BlueStacks App Player for this platform. Instead, Virtual Box is used that is quite similar (but a lot more fun to use). Everybody knows how Apple makes sure that all of its devices are safe and secure, thus is the case with SHAREit download. It also provides a 100% secure service for its Mac users. There are no viruses or malicious items present along with SHAREit app for Mac. Users also require the SHAREit APK file in order to run it on Mac. SHAREit download online for your Mac devices for free. It is super smooth and it also works well with every Mac device. Be it iMac or even MacBook, users will have no problem in running this app.

Steps to Install SHAREit APK on Mac-

Here are the steps to download and install SHAREit APK on Mac-

  • First of all, download Genymotion and Virtual Box. It will be used to create a virtual machine / device that will run Android apps on Mac. Both of these softwares are safe to download.
  • In order to download Genymotion, you will have to register using your email id and then download it. Once it gets downloaded, open it. It will require the same email id at the time of logging into it.
  • After that, got to Genymotion > Click on Add. This will be used to add a new virtual device (Android virtual device).
  • There is a list of pre-existing virtual Android devices that can be selected. Select your desired Android virtual device, but it will be better if the device is an Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) powered device that runs on a resolution of 1080 x 1920 (full HD).
  • Click on Next and the entire interface will change to your desired Android virtual device.
  • Download SHAREit APK that will be installed on this virtual Android device (on Mac).
  • On your virtual Android device, go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Drag and drop SHAREit APK to the virtual device for it to get installed. You will be able to run it from the same Virtual Box once it has been installed.

How to use SHAREit app on iOS?

iOS users should rejoice because SHAREit app is a very safe to use app. It is one of the finest apps for iPhones and iPads. SHAREit download makes use of Wi-Fi Direct that allows users to send and receive files at high speeds for free. SHAREit supports cross-platform file sharing, a method of file sharing that allows iOS to others and vice versa type file sharing. Wi-Fi Direct is basically Wi-Fi Hotspot that can be connected between different devices easily. SHAREit app acts as the interface for Wi-Fi Direct and this makes all the connections possible. As we are already aware of all the features and benefits of SHAREit download, it should be used by everybody. SHAREit app has over a hundred million users and all of them are more than satisfied. There are no viruses or anything in SHAREit. This makes this app run so smoothly on every device and due to its bloatware-free interface, there are no lags or crashes as well.

If you want to send files, go to the send option. The names of users nearby that have their SHAREit receive option enabled will get displayed. Tap on the name of the desired person and the file sending process will get started. For those of you who want to receive files, go to the receive option and the other person will automatically find you. File sharing does not take much time on SHAREit due to its super-fast Wi-Fi Direct connection. The WPS / WPA type security makes sure that it is safe from losses and crackers. Furthermore, performing side-loading for SHAREit is a very easy task. It does not require additional files or any plugins in order to get installed. Every iOS user loves to use SHAREit app for file sharing. Download it today for free and start sharing files for free.

How to install SHAREit app on iOS?

  • SHAREit download online for free. It comes as SHAREit app IPA file for iOS devices.
  • Put your device on Airplane Mode and follow the steps.
  • Settings > General Settings > Date and Time Settings > Change the date to 1st January, 2016.
  • Find the SHAREit app IPA file and open it. The installation process will get started. Once it gets installed, turn off the Airplane Mode and you will be good to go.
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