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SHAREit is a very popular, eccentric app that is regarded as the best app for file sharing. It is available on a number of operating systems like – Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and others. Unlike other premium apps, SHAREit app is an absolutely free to use app that is free from micro transactions. With SHAREit download, users can transfer and share files at high speed to devices that have SHAREit app installed. In case of using it on PCs and laptops, users need to have an Android emulator installed. This emulator software makes sure that all the Android apps (APKs) get installed easily. SHAREit app is quite popular among smartphone and tablet users due to its simplicity. There are no lags or stutters with SHAREit app. It is a pure app that provides a great in-app experience. SHAREit app is one of the finest apps for file sharing out there.

SHAREit Download
Unlike other popular and trendy apps, SHAREit for Windows download is free. It does not contain ads and is even free from micro-transactions. Hundreds of millions of people use this app on a daily basis. Files worth thousands of GBs are shared with it daily. The best part about SHAREit download is that the app does not lag and nor does it crash. It has a clean user-interface that is free from viruses, bugs and of course, bloatwares. Bloatwares are really annoying inclusions in certain apps that cause the app to slow down and the device to heat up, lag and often crash. Since the SHAREit for Laptop does not contain the aforementioned malicious items, it works fine on every device (even on laptops and PCs). SHAREit works well on computers, whether those are Windows powered or Macintosh systems. The app is safe to use and highly secure as well.

About SHAREit PC

SHAREit app uses an entirely different method of wireless file transfer and sharing. It makes use of Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth and that is amazing. In case of older apps, Bluetooth or NFC were used in order to transfer/share files from one device to another (wirelessly). In case of SHAREit 4.0 for PC, files are shared via Wi-Fi with the help of Wi-Fi Direct (often known as Wi-Fi hotspot). There are plenty of benefits of using Wi-Fi instead of traditional Bluetooth for file sharing. First and foremost being the speed. SHAREit app uses Wi-Fi Direct that is way faster than traditional Bluetooth. Wi-Fi Direct can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps that is around 80 times faster than that of Bluetooth or NFC. Furthermore, both of these technologies are not as secure as Wi-Fi Direct. A Wi-Fi enabled wireless connection is far more secured than that of Bluetooth. Wi-Fi Direct makes use of WPS / WPA protocols of security and safety. This makes SHAREit 4.0 for Windows download a highly secure to use application software for file transfer and sharing.

SHAREit app is righteously the best app when it comes to wireless file sharing. It is due to this that the app performs really well on each and every device it is made to run on. Sharing files with the SHAREit app is an easy process that involves no hassles. It has a simple interface that is free from bloatwares. Moreover, it can reach speeds that are much faster than plenty of USB connections. The file size for SHAREit APK is quite small and it also takes no time in getting downloaded or installed. Download SHAREit APK online for free on your laptops and PCs. It is a really good app for file transfer and sharing. SHAREit APK takes no time to install on PCs and laptops and the installation process will be discussed in the sections that follow.

SHAREit for PC Features

People may call SHAREit APK a simple app that can share / transfer files, but there is a lot more to it. There are the technical aspects as well as the general aspects of this app. SHAREit 4.0 download works smoothly on ever device and with its bloatware-free interface, it runs like charm. There is no limit to the number and type of files that one can transfer with SHAREit APK. SHAREit APK download online if you want to enjoy high-speed wireless file sharing and transfer. Here are some of the key features that SHAREit for PC has to provide to its users-

  • SHAREit APK is the fastest wireless file sharing app of its time that is powered by Wi-Fi Direct. The app is for absolutely free on every device, be it Android, iOS or even Windows and Mac. Due to its availability on different systems, it has got support for cross-platform file sharing and transfer. All this makes the app a highly used app because not many apps have got such support. There is also no need to install an extra plugin in order to perform cross-platform file sharing. SHAREit download online for your Windows and Mac devices for free.
  • Users can share / transfer all kinds of files using SHAREit for Laptop. Yes, it is entirely true about this app that makes it one of the best app in-class. There is also no limit to the type and even the type of files that can be shared with it. SHAREit app can accommodate any type of file and any quantity of files does not matter. Movies, music, videos, documents and many other file types can be shared with SHAREit. Download the app online today for free and start sharing apps.
  • SHAREit APK’s latest version also contains a video player (as well as a great music player). All these add-ons make sure that the users stay entertained at all times. Apart from merely being a video player, it can also download online videos and movies for free. Furthermore, users can even download music or even listen to it online for free with SHAREit download. The video player that SHAREit app contains can play every type of video files (up to 1080p in quality).
  • SHAREit APK uses Wi-Fi Direct for file transfer and sharing. It is a veiled feature that is a part of all the devices these days. It is far more secure and a lot faster than Bluetooth (and many USB connections as well). SHAREit download can achieve sharing speeds of up to 300 Mbps that is roughly 30-50 times faster that Bluetooth 4.0. There are apps like Xender and X-Share. Since it uses Wi-Fi Direct to share files, in no way does it consume any internet / mobile data. Download it today for an amazing file sharing experience.
  • Every connection that it establishes is WPA / WPS secured. This means that in no way can a connection be interfered with or hindered with. Unlike Bluetooth, whose connection can be easily tampered or even cracked, SHAREit is absolutely safe and secure to use. Not all wireless file sharing apps are this safe and secure and thus SHAREit download should be done today. It is fast, it is free and moreover, you can rely on it with all your personal information. The SHAREit APK is very small in size that is yet another wonderful feature of this app.
  • It is absolutely free of cost. Yes, SHAREit APK comes as a free to use app that is free from micro-transactions. There is no option to register in the app that makes it a wonderful app to use. Personal information remains safe and secure with you with SHAREit download. Download it online for free today and start transferring files at lightning fast speeds. There is also no need to have a top of the line device to run it. All the simple PCs and laptops can run it easily as long as there is the correct emulator installed. Download SHAREit APK today and install it using an Android emulator.
  • It covers quite a long area of signal reception. A Bluetooth connection can cover merely a few meters of distance (ideally). But, SHAREit app’s Wi-Fi Direct covers a far more area than that. SHAREit can share files across 15-20 meters (in distance). This distance is roughly twice (or maybe thrice) than what could be reached by Bluetooth. SHAREit download online for your PCs and laptops today and get to experience this wonderful app for free. It is probably the fastest wireless file sharing app out there that makes use of Wi-Fi instead of mobile data or Bluetooth for file transfer and sharing.
  • SHAREit app also has support for GIFs and emojis. All these can be found easily and for free (in-app). This means that it is not just your simple file sharing / transfer app, but more than that. SHAREit APK also houses a lot of social media stuff like videos sharing, meme sharing and much more. This means that a lot can be done by this small sized app that does not even require any registration. SHAREit is the choice of so many people and it has even received so many positive reviews till date. Download SHAREit app online for free.

How safe is SHAREit?

SHAREit APK is one of the safest apps out there. It does not contain viruses or bloatwares and that makes it a really fun to use app. SHAREit app is a simple file sharing app that works smoothly and without issues on every device. Millions of people have their faith in SHAREit and they use it on a daily basis. Since it makes use of Wi-Fi Direct, the chances of encountering viruses or losing out on your data are very less. Since Wi-Fi Direct is WPS / WPA secured, information cannot be cracked into and stolen. Bluetooth, however, is susceptible to all kinds of such malpractices. Just like SHAREit app on Android and iOS, the Mac and Windows versions of the app work smoothly. SHAREit APK has a lot of pros over other apps for file sharing. All these pros are the reasons why people love to use SHAREit download.

SHAREit APK is a small sized file that allows file sharing and transfer at godlike speeds. There are other apps that too can share files but SHAREit app does it in a more effortless way. It is trusted by more than 500 million users from around the world. SHAREit APK has gained the trust of many smartphone users by providing features that no other file sharing app provides.  It uses Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files. Wi-Fi Direct, as we already know, is a highly secure to use technology that is way better than Bluetooth. Bluetooth is susceptible to plenty of hazards along with being slow. Wi-Fi Direct, on the other hand, is a lot safer and faster than Bluetooth. This makes SHAREit APK, a great app to use. As mentioned a number of times, it can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps that is incomparable to Bluetooth and NFC.

It is a highly secure and safe to use app and users can rely on it. SHAREit app has over 500 million people around the world who use this app and that is amazing. SHAREit APK is an amazing P2P type file sharing app that works smoothly on every device. Connections can be established with SHAREit app easily and they do not even require an internet connection. You can transfer / receive apps from your friends without any internet connection. You can also perform entire device backups with this app. Thus, it is a highly convenient to use app that is super-fast in terms of file sharing and transfer. All of your internet data / Wi-Fi data gets saved with SHAREit download that would have been consumed otherwise. Thus, not only does it save battery, it also makes sure that files are shared without any mobile data consumption.

SHAREit for Windows PCs and Laptops

Just like SHAREit app for iOS and Android, the APK version of the app runs quite well on Windows devices. Just like other APK files for Windows, it also requires an Android emulator software. A popular Android emulator is BlueStacks App Player. Bluestacks has been around from quite a while and apps like SHAREit APK and Xender have worked well on it. It is due to this that there are so many Android apps that can run on Windows today. SHAREit APK for Windows also works smoothly. Files can be shared easily with SHAREit APK on Windows and to other devices that have SHAREit installed. It also makes use of Wi-Fi Direct and that makes high-speed file transfer and sharing possible. This is a really convenient and an easy to use process that does not involve wired connections (or even Bluetooth).

SHAREit APK works really well on every device without lags or anything. SHAREit download online for your devices today and start sharing files. You can share plenty of files with SHAREit app for free. It can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps that is great. It also does not consume any internet data that is again, a great feature of this app. With so many features and such a secure app interface, SHAREit download has become one of the finest apps for Windows laptops and computers. Not only is it quite small in size, but it is also free from bloatwares. All this makes SHAREit APK the best wireless file sharing app out there.

How to install SHAREit 4.0 on Windows?

  • SHAREit download – Download the SHAREit APK file online on your desktop / laptop.
  • Download the BlueStacks App Player online from BlueStacks App Player is an Android emulator that runs all the Android apps and games on Windows for free.
  • Once the BlueStacks App Player gets installed, open it.
  • BlueStacks App Player takes some time to load for the first time, after it loads up, find the ‘Install APK’ option.
  • Search for the downloaded SHAREit APK file and open it.
  • After it gets installed on your device, open it and enjoy!

for Mac Devices

Those of you who have a Mac powered device can also run SHAREit easily. Unlike other gimmicks, the installation process is quite simple and straightforward. It involves two steps that are very easy to perform.

Step 1 – It involves downloading Virtual Box software and Genymotion

  • Download Genymotion (for Mac).
  • Download Virtual Box (for Mac).

Step 2 – This involves creating a virtual Android device with Genymotion

  • Genymotion requires users to sign-up before being downloaded. Open Genymotion and log into it using the same email id. Open Genymotion > Click on Add (to add a virtual device).
  • It will display a list of a few pre-existing Android virtual devices. Since the APK version uses Android 4.4.4, select any device that meets these demands-

Android 4.4.4 and resolution 1080 x 1920.

  • Go to Next and the interface will transform into your desired virtual smartphone.
  • Go to Settings > > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Drag and drop the SHAREit APK file and it will get installed.
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