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There are so many ways to transfer and share files, but most convenient one is the wireless method. No need to worry about wires and connections, simply use the wireless connection and that is it. How often do people use Bluetooth or NFC? The answer is, a lot of times. True, Bluetooth is probably the earliest file sharing and transfer options available out there. SHAREit brings to you guys an entirely new way of file sharing that is with the help of Wi-Fi Direct. As most of you guys do not know, Bluetooth is not fastest file sharing method out there (wireless). SHAREit makes use of Wi-Fi Direct and due to this all the files are transferred swiftly. Moreover, SHAREit is around 250 times faster than an ideal Bluetooth connection. Thus, download SHAREit for your smartphones today.

You guys can share anything with this app. Photos, videos, documents and even other files can be easily shared with SHAREit. Unlike Bluetooth, it has a very strong connection that is unbreakable. All the file sharing is highly secure as it goes through P2P type connection. The connection type is WPA secured, which means that it has a proper Wi-Fi type security feature along with it. It does not require any registration or fee, which is a great thing. Imagine, a free to use wireless file sharing app that is as secure as a wired connection. Well, you get all this with SHAREit 3.8.14. Download it today and you will never need any other file sharing and transfer app.


Some Features of SHAREit 3.8.14

  • Can share / receive any type of file or any number of files. Games, videos, photos, movies and much more can be shared easily for free.
  • Does not require an internet connection or even a Bluetooth connection in order to run.
  • Since it works with Wi-Fi Direct, it can transfer files even if the devices are more than 10 meters apart (up to 15 meters).
  • It even has support for proximity file sharing. Thus, you can also share files with people who are using SHAREit and are nearby.
  • It has the fastest wireless file sharing technology.
  • Easy to use interface that is bug-free and also free from bloatwares.
  • No need to register or anything. Simply download and install it and it will run fine.

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