Unable to find Receivers in SHAREit (Fix & Solution)

SHAREit promises to provide a seamless file transfer experience between two devices. The overall process is pretty smooth and, generally, without hassles or interruptions. However, there are instances where SHAREit does not recognize and is unable to find the nearby receivers. Some people regard it as a bug, while others get so mad that they even uninstall SHAREit. Please note that it is a very common issue and is faced by a lot of users. The generic cause for this issue to arise is Android and its open-sourced architecture. That is, one OS (and app) to cater to more than a 100,000 devices.

If you have been facing a similar issue, do not worry as we have got you covered. In case you too are unable to find receivers with your SHAREit app, here is a quick fix. Kindly ensure that you follow one or more of these methods in order to fix the issue. Continue reading