Facing SHAREit repeated crashes? Learn how to fix them (Solution)

Lean how to fix SHAREit repeated crashes?

SHAREit is an app that allows the users to send and/or receive files from one user to the other. The file types may include – videos, photos, documents, apps, games and even miscellaneous files. It is available on an array of devices like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The best thing about SHAREit is that it does not require any physical transmission media (cables). Thus, it is somewhat like Bluetooth transfer, but a lot faster (10x). However, after the recent update, a lot of users have started to face an issue with the app. Some users claim that the SHAREit app crashes or restarts and it gets annoying. No need to worry as your device is perfectly fine. It is a very common problem and below mentioned are the ways to fix the issue. Continue reading