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SHAREit Vault is that safe haven for all your files like – photos, videos, documents and more. It is, as the name suggests, a virtual vault that keeps your files safe. The SHAREit Vault is only available on the iOS platform (as of now). Anyway, this vault comes with a double encryption (WPA and P2P) platform security. This means that nobody can steal information or files from it by any means. Unlike other folder encryption methods, SHAREit Vault has a two-tier security. First, there is SHAREit’s own and reliable level of security, and then there is the vault’s own security. You can keep all of your personal content like photos and videos safe in the vault. Nobody will be able to access it without your permission so it is highly safe and reliable. Download SHAREit and check out the vault today.

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Features of SHAREit Vault

  • It is a great tool to protect your privacy (with your media). As you are already aware how vulnerable files can be on the internet. People have their information getting stolen every now and then. Thus, to overcome this, you can use SHAREit Vault. Just like a vault of a bank, this toolkit has an impenetrable level of security, thus keeping your files safe.
  • There is also a Visitor Mode. You can enable this mode if you want to showcase your inventory, but not wish to share details. Thus, you can brag about your content without worrying about users getting to know deeply about it.
  • You can even import photos and videos using the Photos app with SHAREit Vault. It has a practically unlimited storage space that can hold anything that you upload to it. Downloading and uploading process is pretty linear and easy to perform.
  • Users can even set up a secure passcode for the SHAREit Vault. Nobody would be able to open this vault without this passcode. Be sure to keep this passcode close and not to lose it. It is your gateway to the SHAREit Vault.

SHAREit Vault Vs. Other Storages

Once you get used to SHAREit Vault, you won’t be needing any other storage. It is way more secure than all of the other cloud storages. You can easily access all of the files with just a tap. You also need not worry about losing your files or them getting stolen. Thus, feel free to use SHAREit Vault today and get a secure, reliable and safe file storage experience.

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SHAREit Vault
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