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File sharing has always been a vital need for the smartphone user of today. There are plenty of apps that promise effective and efficient file sharing methods, but sadly, not many live up to this expectation. Thankfully, SHAREit is that one single app that lives up to the hype. First, a brief overview on this amazing app. SHAREit was released back in 2012 as a file sharing and transfer app for Android. People loved it and the app became a huge hit by the end of 2012. It was so much liked by people that the creators decided to launch SHAREit on other platforms as well. Today, SHAREit has over 500 million active users and the downloads keep on increasing daily. Download SHAREit 3.8.16 online today.

It works well on each and every device, be it laptop, smartphones or even tablets. Sharing photos, audio, movies and much more is a bliss with this app. Since it makes use of Wi-Fi Direct, the connection is secure, safe and highly reliable. Bluetooth is incomparable to SHAREit anytime. SHAREit is around 200 times faster, it makes use of WPA protocol and it consumes equal battery. No need for any hefty wired connections, or USB connections in order to send / receive files with SHAREit. It has a big network and millions of people use it worldwide. Download SHAREit for your smartphones, tablets and laptops today (for free).

Features of SHAREit 3.8.16

  • Allows you to share / transfer / receive files from across an array of devices for free. There is no in-app charge or even any registration required in order to perform file sharing with SHAREit.
  • It is a great app for backing up the files on older devices in case you are switching to a newer device. This feature comes in real handy at times.
  • The interface is user-friendly and it is also free from bloatwares and bugs. This causes a lag-free experience and much more.
  • You can now connect to PCs and Macs easily with this updated version of SHAREit. Apart from that, remote control and PPT presentation works just fine on computers with SHAREit.
  • Enjoy high speed file sharing and transfer with SHAREit. It is way faster and safer than Bluetooth or NFC. Download this amazing app today for free.

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