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Do you share a lot of stuff with your friends? Is wireless file sharing too outdated for you? Are Bluetooth and NFC too slow and time consuming for you? Fear not, because here is SHAREit v6.8.4 – the perfect wireless file sharing app. SHAREit v6.8.4 was launched in 2015 – the same year when Apple Pay was launched. Both were quite significant and big-time developments for the year. With one you could manage all your payments with just one app and with the latter you could easily share files. For the beginners, SHAREit v6.8.4 is a file transfer and sharing that is wireless. However, despite being in its approach, SHAREit v6.8.4 is one heck of an app. It works blazingly fast and files can be shared in a snap of second. Download SHAREit v6.8.4 app yourself online to find out more and be amazed.

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Features of SHAREit v6.8.4

  • SHAREit v6.8.4 is the fastest wireless file sharing app of today. Period. There is no other app or interface that can reach similar speeds any way possible. It makes use of Wi-Fi Direct or Hotspot in order to communicate and to share/transfer files.
  • The highest recorded speed by SHAREit v6.8.4 has been – 200 Mbps. That is way faster than even wired standards (USB 2.0 can go 150 Mbps). 200 Mbps and that too lossless, yes this is what this revolutionary app delivers.
  • You will definitely forget that Bluetooth or NFC exists once you lay your hands on SHAREit v6.8.4. It is not just fast, but a lot more secure than them as well. It uses WPA-WPS in order to make the connection secure.
  • It is the same security feature that Google and Apple use to make their wireless connections secure and private. Thus, in no way can your files be stolen or misused
  • Users can literally share anything (even apps) and as many GB (even TB) of data that they want to. All of this is done wirelessly and hence the devices should be placed close to each other for best connectivity/speed.
  • SHAREit v6.8.4 even has an audio-video player with which you can play some amazing online videos for free. The file sharing works without internet and hence, no need to worry about mobile data anymore.

Download SHAREit v6.8.4

  • Download SHAREit v6.8.4 online.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from over there.
  • After that go to Downloads and open the downloaded file.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions and tap on ‘Install’.
  • Once the installation is over, run the app from the icon.

Download SHAREit

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