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SHAREit v6.8.2 is the fastest wireless file sharing app that is present across every major mobile computing platform. It is a wireless file sharing app that is regarded as the fastest in the world. You can literally share any type of file with this amazing app. Be it photos, videos, media or documents, you can transfer it all easily with SHAREit v6.8.2. The overall transfer speed is also great on this app. Bluetooth can send/receive files at a maximum feasible speed of 20 Mbps whereas here you get 10x faster speeds. Yes, SHAREit v6.8.2 can transfer/receive files at up to 200 Mbps speed that is the fastest any wireless media could get. It makes use of a virtual hotspot (or Wi-Fi Direct) in order to establish connections. These connections are highly secure and very reliable, thus, you should download SHAREit v6.8.2 for your devices today.

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Features of SHAREit v6.8.2

  • Has a cross-platform type architecture that ensures that people across Android, iOS and Windows platforms are able to share/receive files easily. This means that you do not need to have similar operating systems in order to use SHAREit v6.8.2.
  • It is practically the best and the fastest wireless file sharing app out there. It makes use of a half-duplex file transfer protocol that is Wi-Fi Direct based. This ensures that at a time, you can either send or receive files.
  • You can share every single type of file with SHAREit v6.8.2. These files include – photos, videos, miscellaneous files, apps and even documents. Furthermore, there is no limitation to the number, size and type of files that one can send.
  • There is also no file compression during the transfer process. This ensures that all your files are intact and there is no dispute in the file shared and file received.
  • It runs/works without any internet connection (unlike plenty of other file sharing apps). There are also no stutters, lags or even disconnections in SHAREit v6.8.2. It is an amazing app that works seamlessly without any issues.
  • There is even a music player that comes with an advanced audio equalizer. With the embedded video player, users can enjoy watching unlimited online videos for free.

Download SHAREit v6.8.2

  • On your device – open settings and enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from security settings.
  • Download the SHAREit v6.8.2 file online.
  • Open the downloaded file (from Downloads folder).
  • Tap on the ‘install’ option.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and install it.
  • Once it gets installed, run SHAREit v6.8.2 from the app icon.

Download SHAREit

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