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SHAREit v6.7.9 is an application that allows users to send/receive files wirelessly in a secure and fast way. It is a very small sized app that does not even require internet in order to share files. It doesn’t matter if one device is Android and the other is iOS as SHAREit v6.7.9 supports cross-platform sharing. However, you need to have the latest version of the app installed on both the devices. You can share almost every kind of file with SHAREit v6.7.9 irrespective of the file size of type. It is roughly around 200 times faster than a conventional Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth transfers files at 1 Mbps speeds whereas SHAREit v6.7.9 does the same at 200 Mbps. Download it today on your smartphones and tablets today (for free).

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Features of SHAREit v6.7.9

  • Works perfectly fine even without an internet connection. You do not need to have a fast internet connection (or internet connection at all) in order to use SHAREit v6.7.9. It makes use of a wireless connection of its own in order to establish connections to send/receive files.
  • It makes use of Wi-Fi instead of trivial methods of file sharing – Bluetooth or NFC. What it does is that a connection of its own Wi-Fi Hotspot (Direct) is established between the two devices. Then only is the file sharing process initiated.
  • The connection is highly secure (by WPS/P2K type encryption) and hence you can send any type of file over it securely. SHAREit v6.7.9 is also blazing fast (fastest wireless file sharing app out there).
  • Does not require cables to work as it is entirely wireless. No need for USB wires or a computer in order to share/transfer files. Its wireless channel is highly secure and very stable (just be sure to keep the distance between devices < 1 meter).
  • It even has a dedicated video player that can play online videos for free. These videos include all of the latest and popular funny videos from across the web. Music videos can also be played with SHAREit v6.7.9 and there is also a music equalizer present here.

Download SHAREit v6.7.9

  • Open Settings and go to Security Settings. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option from there.
  • Download SHAREit v6.7.9 from the link that is provided.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Read the terms and conditions and tap on ‘Install’.
  • Once it gets installed, open the app from SHAREit v6.7.9 app icon.

Download SHAREit

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