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Gone are those days where Bluetooth was the only saviour when it came to wireless file sharing. Today, you have SHAREit v6.7.8 and it keeps getting better with every passing moment. SHAREit v6.7.8, as most of you guys will already be knowing – is the fastest file sharing app. It is available for free on a number of platforms including – Android, Windows and iOS. You can send or receive any type of file (or files) using this app and it is lightning fast. Talking about speed, well, SHAREit v6.7.8 is literally the fastest file sharing app out there that is way faster than Bluetooth. Bluetooth and NFC are technologies of yesteryear, where people didn’t have options to choose from when it comes to SHAREit v6.7.8. Download the app today for your smartphones and tablets today for free.

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Features of SHAREit v6.7.8

  • You get the fastest ever wireless file sharing app for free. It can transfer files at 200 Mbps speed that is a lot faster than Bluetooth. In order to experience the maximum speed, make sure that you have the latest version of SHAREit v6.7.8 on both the devices.
  • It can share any type of file for free. It makes use of Wi-Fi Direct (or Hotspot) in order to send files and establish connections. There is no need for an active internet connection in order to use this app.
  • Movies, videos, photos, documents and even apps can be shared via SHAREit v6.7.8. All it takes is two devices that are close to each other and some patience, and voila!
  • The connection is highly secure and there is no need to worry about your files getting stolen. You get to choose whom do you want to send your files to. There are even SHAREit v6.7.8 avatars that can be selected to make the file sharing process easy.
  • There is also a video player that can play all of the latest and trending online videos for free. You can also play music with the help of an advanced music player that comes with an equalizer as well.
  • Files do not get compressed during the transfer process. They are highly encrypted so that nobody else can access it except from the dedicated user.

Download SHAREit v6.7.8

  • First you need to download the file from the description link provided.
  • After that on your device’s Security Settings, enable ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Open the downloaded file and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Install the file and enjoy!

Download SHAREit

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