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SHAREit v6.6.6 is a really popular wireless file sharing app that is free to download on Android, Windows and iOS devices. It is regarded as the best app that allows users to wirelessly transfer files at high speeds easily. SHAREit v6.6.6 is way more secure (and fast) than any other wireless file transfer app that you can think of. It has a highly secure and robust mode of encryption that makes your in-app experience safe and reliable. SHAREit v6.6.6 even supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing. With this feature – people from across different operating systems can send files to each other without a sweat. Be sure that you have the latest version of this app (SHAREit v6.6.6) if you too want to enjoy high-speed file sharing. One of the key features of this app is that you do not need any internet connection in order to send/receive files. Download SHAREit v6.6.6 – the latest version on your devices to find out more.

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Features of SHAREit v6.6.6

  • When it comes to speed – this app is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth or NFC. There isn’t any Bluetooth-type connectivity here. Instead, there is Wi-Fi into play. SHAREit v6.6.6 makes use of Wi-Fi Direct/Hotspot for its connections.
  • Since it makes use Wi-Fi Direct/Hotspot, it can reach transfer speeds over 150 Mbps (around 200 Mbps). Due to Direct, the overall connection is also highly secure and stable. Unlike Bluetooth, it can work even if the distance is 5 meters.
  • File sharing is a bliss with SHAREit v6.6.6 as it can share any type of file easily wirelessly. It barely takes seconds/minutes for files to get transferred from one device to another (despite how big the size is). You can send/receive photos, videos, apps and documents easily over here.
  • SHAREit v6.6.6 is faster than a lot of wired connections as well. It is faster than USB 2.0 and hence, it is advised that you should use this app to your full advantage.
  • There is an online videos section over here as well. Over here – you can find funny, trending and popular videos (unlimited). These videos can also be downloaded on your devices for free.
  • SHAREit v6.6.6 has a nice video and an elegant music player as well. With these you can play all kinds of music and videos. It can even playback 1080p (HD) quality videos.

Download SHAREit v6.6.6

  • Go to Settings and enable the option for ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Download SHAREit v6.6.6.
  • Open the file that has been downloaded.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Run the app and start sharing!

Download SHAREit

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