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SHAREit v6.5.3 is the best file wireless sharing and transferring app for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and Windows). It is the best in-class app with which users can easily send or receive files at high speed for absolutely free. But what makes SHAREit v6.5.3 so fast? The answer to this lies in the connectivity technology that the developers of this app have adapted. SHAREit v6.5.3, instead of using Bluetooth or NFC, makes use of Wi-Fi in order to establish connectivity and to send/receive files. But wait, there is more to it. Instead of using normal Wi-Fi, it uses Wi-Fi Direct to send/receive files. This way, the files are shared at blazing fast speeds, thereby making SHAREit v6.5.3 the fastest file sharing app. It can send/receive files at around 200 Mbps speed which is simply too fast. In fact, with such a speed, you wouldn’t need a wired connection anymore. SHAREit v6.5.3 is fast and secure and that makes it so popular. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times across the globe and people simply love it. Download the latest version of this app on your devices today (for free).

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Features of SHAREit v6.5.3

  • It is really fast when it comes to file sharing. SHAREit v6.5.3 is around 200 times faster than an average Bluetooth type connection. Bluetooth is capable of sharing files at 1 Mbps speed, whereas this app can do so at 200 Mbps.
  • You can share whatever you want wirelessly via this app. All of this is done at a really fast speed and thus, sharing photos, videos and others is fun.
  • SHAREit v6.5.3 is free from the hassles of internet access and thus, you can send/receive files without it.
  • It has an option to set up avatar in this app as well. With the avatars – you can ensure that connections are set-up accurately and securely.
  • There are no hidden micro-transactions in this app that jeopardize your bank information and money.
  • There is also a massive collection of wallpapers, GIFs and emojis in this app. You can embed these in your chats easily with a simple copy and paste.

Download SHAREit v6.5.3

  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources from your Security Settings.
  • Download SHAREit v6.5.3.
  • Open the Downloads folder and open the file.
  • Tap on Install to start the installation.
  • Run the app from the icon once the installation completes.

Download SHAREit

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