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SHAREit v6.5.0 is a very light file sharing app that lets users send/receive files wirelessly from one device to another. It allows users to transfer all types of files between devices with ease. SHAREit v6.5.0 even supports cross-platform file sharing which means that you don’t need to have the same OS on both devices. With this app, Android and iOS devices can easily send and receive files within minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, SHAREit v6.5.0 is fast when it comes to file sharing. Since it makes use of Wi-Fi Hotspot instead of Bluetooth, the file sharing process is very fast. Wi-Fi Hotspot is also very safe and secure as it has WPS security protocol. This protocol makes the connection safe from outside intruders like hackers and viruses. Thus, you get a complete file sharing package in SHAREit v6.5.0 and you should definitely download it today. This app is absolutely free to use and to download. All you have to do is to click on the link to download SHAREit v6.5.0 app on your devices.


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Features of SHAREit v6.5.0

  • SHAREit v6.5.0 is the fastest file sharing and transfer app out there. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems thereby making it the most widely compatible app. This allows the users to send and receive files across the aforementioned operating systems.
  • Its speed is solely due to the fact that it doesn’t use Bluetooth or NFC. Instead, SHAREit v6.5.0 makes use of Wi-Fi Hotspot for its connections. It is due to its non-dependency on Bluetooth that it is so fast. Wi-Fi Hotspot can reach up to 200 Mbps of file transfer speeds.
  • It has a video player as well that allows users to play online videos (unlimited) for absolutely free of cost. You can even download these online videos on your devices for free.
  • SHAREit v6.5.0 also comes with an embedded audio player that lets you stream as many songs and music as you like.
  • This app works even without any internet connection and thus, your internet data is saved. No need to worry about losing out on your mobile/Wi-Fi data again with SHAREit v6.5.0.

How to download SHAREit v6.5.0?

You need to download the file from the link provided below. Once it has been downloaded, simply open it and follow the steps to install it on your devices.

Download SHAREit

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