SHAREit 3.6.80 Download

Download SHAREit 3.6.80

shareit download free

SHAREit is the perfect app for sharing files like photos, videos, audio and documents for free. Unlike Bluetooth, SHAREit works on Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a revolutionary technology that makes use of Wi-Fi instead of NFC or Bluetooth for file transfer and sharing. This makes the connection more secure and way faster than other wireless alternatives. People mainly use SHAREit due to two reasons – speed and reliability. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest file transfer and sharing apps of the time. In many cases, SHAREit easily beats most of the wired and USB options of file sharing. With such amazing speed, it has become the top grossing (free) file sharing app of the time. Download SHAREit 3.6.80 today as it is free and the finest file sharing app. Continue reading

SHAREit 2.7.78 Download

Download SHAREit 2.7.78

shareit download free

Bluetooth is an age old technology when it comes to wireless file sharing. It was good once, but today, people want a more secure and faster file sharing system. This is when SHAREit comes to play. SHAREit is the best wireless file sharing and transfer app for Android, Windows and iOS devices. Unlike plenty of other apps, this one is absolutely free of cost. Be it the APK or even the in-app experience, everything about this app is free. Instead of working on Bluetooth (as many other file sharing apps), SHAREit works on Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a newer technology that is way faster and way more secure than NFC and Bluetooth combined. Yes, this is how good this small sized app is. Download SHAREit 2.7.78 to find out more! Continue reading

SHAREit 2.7.38 Download

SHAREit 2.7.38 Download

shareit download free

There are so many ways of file sharing out there, but the most popular one these days is the wireless media. Obviously, there is so much to wireless file sharing. There is no need to worry about hefty wires that are not only difficult to manage, but are also nuisance at times. To counter that there is SHAREit. SHAREit, for most of the ignorant ones out there, is a file sharing and transfer app that runs without internet connection. Yes, you read that correctly, it works well without any internet connection on each and every device. There are no bugs or bloatwares in the app as well that causes it to run smoothly. SHAREit does not work with Bluetooth or internet. It makes use of Wi-Fi Direct in order to send / receive files.All of your internet data remains safe and secure with SHAREit. It is a highly safe and secure to use app. Because of this, this app is highly reliable. Continue reading

SHAREit 2.8.80 Download

Download SHAREit 2.8.80

shareit download free

We, humans, have come so far. Today, we have gizmos at our disposal with which we can access the web anytime and anywhere. Such is the case with technology. Technology always grows and that is a boon for tech lovers like us. When it comes to file sharing and transfer, we merely think of either Bluetooth or other wired methods. Well, to shatter all those pre-established ideas, there is SHAREit. SHAREit is an amazing file sharing and transfer app that lets users share files for free. There is no limit to the number of files that can be shared with it. Plus, it supports every single kind of file when it comes to sharing and transfer. Download SHAREit online for your smartphones and tablets today. Continue reading

SHAREit 3.8.14 Download

Download SHAREit 3.8.14

shareit download free

There are so many ways to transfer and share files, but most convenient one is the wireless method. No need to worry about wires and connections, simply use the wireless connection and that is it. How often do people use Bluetooth or NFC? The answer is, a lot of times. True, Bluetooth is probably the earliest file sharing and transfer options available out there. SHAREit brings to you guys an entirely new way of file sharing that is with the help of Wi-Fi Direct. As most of you guys do not know, Bluetooth is not fastest file sharing method out there (wireless). SHAREit makes use of Wi-Fi Direct and due to this all the files are transferred swiftly. Moreover, SHAREit is around 250 times faster than an ideal Bluetooth connection. Thus, download SHAREit for your smartphones today. Continue reading

SHAREit 3.8.20 Download

Download SHAREit 3.8.20

shareit download free

SHAREit is a file sharing app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It is a wireless file sharing and transfer app that is absolutely free to download and use. With this installed on your devices, you will be able to send and receive files like – photos, videos, documents and even other miscellaneous files easily (for free). It does not work on hefty wired connections, Bluetooth or even on mobile data. SHAREit, on the other hand, makes use of its own Wi-Fi Direct technology. It is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth and way more secure. It makes use of the famous WPA protocol of security so that files that are shared are not lost or stolen. Download SHAREit 3.8.20 online today for your smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

SHAREit 2.7.60 Download

Download SHAREit 2.7.60

shareit download free

With Android smartphones, there comes the constant need to share / transfer files with people. Sadly, there are not many alternative options to file transfer and sharing. SHAREit is a wonderful app that allows users to send and receive files for free. It supports cross-platform file sharing and this is what makes SHAREit a great app to use. First of all, the app works wirelessly. It does not require users to stay connected to each other with long wires and active internet connections. Yes, it is one of the key features of SHAREit app that it works without internet. It makes use of Wi-Fi Hotspot in order to connect to devices (known as Wi-Fi Direct). Download SHAREit APK for free today. Continue reading

How to transfer files bewteen two PC using SHAREit – SHAREit Download

How To Transfer Files Between Two PCs Using SHAREit

The extensive use of file sharing application has reportedly decreased the use of USB cables and flash drives such as pen drive, card reader etc. One such application that has contributed to this revolution is SHAREit.

The SHAREit works on the client-host approach for sharing files and on the principles of platform independence i.e. it provides the facility to share productivity and multimedia files on all the major operating systems. Most of the people rely on USB cables to transfer files from one machine to another but now with SHAREit, you can share files and other media articles between two machines securely, without losing the quality that too in high speed. Continue reading

Download SHAREit for Desktop – Get SHAREit for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Free!

The Free File Transfer App SHAREit for PC & Desktop

SHAREit is a file and media transfer application, with SHAREit one can send or receive an unlimited amount of data, file, or multimedia articles such as music, videos, images, Gifs, etc. The application was initially launched for Android application market and iOS but soon after the high popularity of the app between the users around the world developers launched the beta version for Windows smartphone  soon after that SHAREit for Windows Operating system  was launched it gained a huge popularity and till now it is one of the best multiplatform file sharing application. Continue reading

SHAREit Download v2.7.38 – SHAREit

shareit download freeSHAREit is a fast file transfer and media transfer application. With SHAREit App one can send or receive unlimited data over the hotspot of 2 devices, it also has a group sharing features with which allows the user to share files or media content to the connected devices. The host device can also share Mobile data with the connected devices while your files are being shared and above all the Best part of the SHAREit APK application is that every time you start sharing a file it notifies you that your data is in turned on condition so that user Will not suffer from data loss or data scarcity. In 2012 this application was launched as Anyshare but later in 2015 the name was changed to SHAREit and since then the application has managed its space in

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