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SHAREit app is one of the best wireless file transfer and sharing apps out there. It was released back in 2012 when most of the people used Bluetooth for wireless sharing and pairing. SHAREit APK gained its popularity due to the fact that it was fast, secure and reliable to use. There were no bloatwares or any other hassles with this app. All this made SHAREit app one of the best apps of the time. Barely crossing the 20 MB mark, SHAREit APK has surely astonished millions of Android users. Despite being such a small sized app, SHAREit download is regarded as the very best by plenty of users. SHAREit download online for your Android devices today and start transferring media and files for free.

SHAREit Download

Yes, SHAREit APK is completely free to use. There are no micro-transactions or anything involved with this app. SHAREit app is a very fast app that has over 200 million users worldwide. Most importantly, all of the feature that it provides are for absolutely free. Unlike many other apps that charge big bucks from its users, SHAREit APK is free to use. SHAREit download can be performed for free and people love to use this app. There are so many great features of this app that has made it so popular. SHAREit APK downloads and installs very easily on every device and this is the prime reason why it is so popular. Download it online for free

SHAREit Download – Download SHAREit APK

The app was first released on Android in 2012. It was a time when people either used wired connections or Bluetooth, if they decided to go wireless. SHAREit paved way for an entirely hidden technology – Wi-Fi Direct. There were (and still are) plenty of benefits of Wi-Fi Direct over Bluetooth. SHAREit APK made use of Wi-Fi Direct in a really smart way. Due to this, the app has reached more than a million hearts today. There are so many reasons why people love this app. With SHAREit, an hour long full HD video can be transferred in a minute. In case of Bluetooth, the same file takes more than 10 minutes to transfer. Thus, SHAREit APK is fast when it comes to file sharing.

SHAREit download should be done online for free. There are so many benefits of SHAREit APK over other traditional file transfer methods. All the features are best in-class for this small sized app. Moreover, with SHAREit app, users can transfer files across different platforms for free. All it makes use of is a simple Wi-Fi Direct for sharing files. Wi-Fi Direct is way faster than other wireless file sharing methods. It is approximately 20 times faster than Bluetooth and other wireless file sharing methods. SHAREit download for Android for file sharing. It comes loaded with a number of amazing features that make SHAREit APK the best app for file sharing. It has a clean interface and a small size due to which it has earned a name for itself. Download it online and start transferring/sharing files at high speed for free.

Features of SHAREit APK for Android-

This app has hundreds of features. All these features make it the best app for file sharing. It has pioneered all the way from Android and the users love this app. Some of the key features of SHAREit APK are as follows-

  • It is one of the very few file sharing apps out there that use Wi-Fi Direct. SHAREit app uses Wi-Fi direct that makes it a super-fast app. Furthermore, it transfers files at a really high speed. This speed surpasses that of Bluetooth pretty easily. SHAREit for Android can be downloaded very easily on all Android smartphones and tablets. It is due to this that it has received so many positive reviews from every user. SHAREit APP can be downloaded for free and the app is available on many other operating systems as well.
  • SHAREit app uses cross-platform file sharing, a feature that is not supported by any other app. Android and iOS users can finally rejoice as they can share files easily with it. Bluetooth on iOS has been terrible as people cannot share files and photos to Android and vice-versa. But, with this app, all such bondages have been scrapped off. SHAREit download it today.
  • Users can share any number and any type of files they feel like sharing. There is no limit when it comes to file sharing. Users may run out of storage space, but file sharing on this app is constant. It is way faster than other apps/methods of file transfer. All this has made SHAREit APK one of the best apps for Android. Furthermore, there are no bloatwares in this app. Bloatwares and bugs slow down devices and also cause the battery to drain quickly.
  • Statistically, it is almost 100 times faster than Bluetooth. This means that you need not wait much while wirelessly sending/receiving files. It is so good to use that slowly, the trend of using wired connections for sharing is vanishing for Android. SHAREit download is also a lot faster than Bluetooth. This makes it really convenient to use and it also saves a lot of time. Download SHAREit APK for Android smartphones and tablets today.
  • It also covers a lot of distance than Bluetooth does. Normally, Bluetooth is capable of covering a maximum distance of around 10 meters. In case of SHAREit app, you can transfer files for over 20 meters. The app uses Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi Hotspot to send/share files. It is due to this that the connection is secure, safe and nearly lossless. Download the app today and experience it for yourself.
  • The app also houses an audio and video player. This saves all the need for downloading an external media player. You can also stream or download online videos for free with this app. The embedded media player is capable enough of playing up to full HD videos (1080p) for free. Moreover, the app itself is very light on the battery. This means that the battery does not get drained unnecessarily with SHAREit app. Download it today if you want to enjoy high speed wireless file sharing on Android.
  • It even has online playlists for music and video. You can download all the content for free using it, or stream it online. There are so many trending music, video and much more on SHAREit APK. It also has a solid fan-base that keeps the community alive. The app does not crash and is also quite light on the battery life and performance. All of this makes SHAREit app the best app when it comes to sharing files wirelessly.
  • SHAREit app also houses a collection of stickers, emojis and GIFs. You can share all these with your friends and close ones. Apart from that, users can also download wallpapers, ringtones and much more through this app for free. All types of files can be transferred with this app. The app transcends above all restrictions that one can face when sharing files. Users can transfer almost a hundred files (or more) at a single type. The files can be photos, videos, music, files and much more. SHAREit download online for free and be a part of the SHAREit APK family.
  • Since it makes use of Wi-Fi Direct, the technology is the best when it comes to file sharing. It is due to this that a lot of people love and use this app. SHAREit download is approximately 25 times faster than Bluetooth. This means that transferring files with it is a really easy task. Download it today and try it out for free. Gone are the days where people used wired connections. Because, with SHAREit APK, files can be shared instantaneously. Feel free to download this app today, for free.

Download SHAREit APK – The Fastest App

As the heading already suggests, SHAREit APK is the fastest file transfer app for Android. There is no other app that is as fast as this app when it comes to sharing files. There are so many cool features that make SHAREit app an amazing app. SHAREit download has nurtured over the years and today, more than 200 million people use it. The estimated speed that the developers promise this app can reach is over 200 Mbps. This makes it almost ten times faster than Bluetooth. It can cover a much wider range than Bluetooth and the connection is also very stable. There are very less chances of the connection getting disconnected. Since the connection is also WPA secured, this means that SHAREit APK uses a very secure connection type.

It is absolutely free from bloatwares and viruses. Bloatwares cause the device to lag and crash whereas viruses are harmful, overall. SHAREit download is free from either of these and this causes the app to run smoothly. There are other third-party apps that are affected with viruses. These apps harm the device they are made to run on. Unlike that, SHAREit APK is free from viruses and millions of people use it daily. Download the app today for free.

About SHAREit APK Interface-

The SHAREit app has a very decent looking interface that showcases the iconic blue foreground and background. The home screen contains three options – send, receive and establish connection. All the three options do their respective jobs. With this app, you can either send or receive the files easily by people who use SHAREit. It does not use Bluetooth to transfer files. Instead, it makes use of Wi-Fi to share files. Wi-Fi Direct is the technology behind this app and its amazing file sharing. It makes use of this method in order to establish connections and to proceed with the file transfer/sharing. There are so many benefits of using SHAREit app, the number one being its fast nature.

It covers a much larger distance than Bluetooth and other wireless methods. The connection is strong and it also does not slow down over time. This makes it reliable and you can share all the files with ease. Apps like SHAREit download and Xender are considered to be the best ones when it comes to wirelessly sharing files. Furthermore, you can find people around you with whom you can easily share files. The interface is free from bloatwares and other laggy elements. This makes the in-app experience great and this is why people love to use SHAREit APK. It is full of amazing features that make it stand out tall in the pool of wireless file sharing apps. SHAREit download online for free today and experience it for yourself.

How to install SHAREit APK on Android smartphones/tablets?

The installation process for SHAREit app on Android is easy. It is similar to installing other third-party apps via side-loading. There are no alternate ways of installing APK files on Android devices apart from side-loading. Not only is this method safe, but it is also highly convenient and easy to perform. All it requires is an Android device and the target APK file. Here are the steps for side-loading on Android-

  • SHAREit download – Download the SHAREit APK file online (for free).
  • The file will get saved in the ‘Root/Internal Storage/Downloads’ directory. Do not worry about losing out on storage space since it is a very small-sized file.
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. This will enable you to install unsigned apps and files.
  • Put your device on Airplane Mode and find the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on it and the installation will commence. Once it gets over, you can turn off the Airplane Mode and that is it.

The app runs flawlessly on every Android device. This app does not lag or crash and there are over a hundred features that make it one of the best file sharing apps for Android. It is way better and faster than NFC as well. NFC has a very low proximity range when it comes to establishing a connection. SHAREit download, on the other hand has got a far better reception and connection strength. Download it today for free.

SHAREit App vs. Other File Sharing Apps-

SHAREit download easily puts other file sharing apps to shame when it comes to talking about its features. The most prominent ones being its speed, range and stability. Due to all this, the app works like a charm on most of the Android devices and over 200 million people rely on it. Here is why SHAREit app is better than other file transfer and sharing apps-

  • Stability – The app is probably the most stable to use Android app for file sharing. It is compatible with almost every Android device, be it smartphone or tablet. You need not have a top-of-the-tier device in order to run it. Since SHAREit APK is also free from bugs and bloatwares, it runs smoothly, without issues.
  • Compatibility – It is compatible with most of the Android devices. It also does not require any additional app or plugin in order to run. All you need is SHAREit download and the SHAREit APK installed in order to run it. Other third-party apps may require additional items to run, but this one does not. Download it today for free.
  • Reliability – SHAREit app is probably one of the very few apps that can be relied upon easily. It does not hinder with any of your personal/private data. All it deals with is file-sharing and that is it. It is due to this that people love to use SHAREit APK. There are over a hundred amazing features of this app. Use it today to find out more.
  • Secure to Use – It is absolutely safe and secure to use. There are no malicious items like viruses in this app. Furthermore, it is free from bloatwares as well. This makes it a wonderful app that people love to use. Download it today for free. All it deals with is file transfer and sharing and nothing else. All this makes SHAREit download a complete app in its own.

Conclusion – SHAREit Download

SHAREit APK is an amazing app that does justice to the file sharing genre. It is free from bloatwares and other things that slow down a device. It does not cause the battery to drain out unnecessarily. The app is highly responsive and it is the fastest one out there for file sharing. You can now do a lot of things with SHAREit download. It is not merely your default file sharing app, it is way more than that. This app now houses so many features like – video player, video downloader, music player, GIFs and wallpapers, and much more. All this makes it a wonderful to use app that is used by millions of people from around the world.

For an app that is light, lightning fast and packed with amazing features, SHAREit download is a great option. It should be downloaded right away if you want a great wireless file sharing app. People love to use it and more and more people are downloading it every day. Download it online for free today.

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